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America is in a health care crisis. As a chiropractic physician Dr. Bogazot works in the field which is an alternative to all that has created our health care crisis. Dr. Bogazot works with the healing energy that is within all of us.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Bogazot, call 330-396-0444 or email us at

What We Do Print

Chiropractic Adjustments:

 Affordable, gentle and safe chiropractic adjustments for the entire family.

Nutritional Health Assessment/GAPS Nutrition:

  Dr. Bogazot conducts an in-depth evaluation which includes the Nutritional Health Assessment. Then he figures out what you should do next. In a single consultation, you will have the foundation of wellness to build upon and an entire health program mapped out specifically for you. N.H.A./GAPS Nutrition Consultations conducted by Dr. Bogazot D.C. are similar to obtaining a personal trainer for Nutrition.  The N.H.A./GAPS protocol is a learning experience equipping you to source and prepare healing food ensuring that you are implementing the program appropriately.

Have a Question - Need Some Guidance: 

Schedule an office or phone consultation with Dr. Bogazot and have your questions addressed. This can guide you in the proper direction helping you achieve your success with your health care goals. Please call 330-396-0444 for appointment. Normal office rates apply.

Health Professionals:

 Dr. Bogazot is available to consult with health care practitioners wishing to implement effective H.T.M.A., Functional Medicine testing procedures and protocols into practice.
Practitioners may contact Dr. Bogazot directly a 330-396-0444.


Recommended tests:

 We make these available to our clients at cost. Please contact us in regard to the Purification/Detoxification and/or Weight-Loss program.

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Balancing Your Body Chemistry

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